Psychic fair extraordinare

I just finished working a local psychic fair with Carol Croft as her assistant while she did four days of aura pictures and readings. Watching Carol in action with the public is awesome! Carol worked pretty much non-stop the whole time, only getting short breaks when I would run out get her some food, and she did more than 50 pictures and readings. That’s about 25 hours of talking to the public! She was always gracious and positive and all of her clients walked away smiling. I got to have a little bit of practice talking to the public about orgonite and about what I do. Carol is trying to get me to do public readings, but I’m a little bit shy about it. :-)

I’ve been lucky to be able to use Carol’s aura camera before, taking pictures of my aura while wearing my various bracelets, and it was fun to see the auras of a bunch of different people. I noticed as I was pulling reports off the printer, that lots of the folks who came to see Carol had really big heart chakras. I thought that was a pretty positive sign. And Carol said that many of them had white auras, which is a high spiritual color. Without invading anyone’s privacy I was able to listen in at times to learn more about reading auras. The fair was at a store in Hamilton, Montana called Between the Worlds. We were really impressed with the quality of the other practitioners at the fair, and also at the quality of the people coming through the door to get readings. Most of the people were open-minded, open-hearted and ready to get help finding their direction in their spiritual life.

I never knew this store existed until a month ago as I don’t often go to Hamilton, but I was really glad to meet the owners, who are pretty discerning about who they associate with. I was able to tell them a little bit about orgonite and they seemed interested. I was also able to do a little shopping :-) and I got a few nice rocks and some Tarot cards to teach myself how to read Tarot. Fun!

The other GREAT thing that happened this weekend is that Don, with Stevo as his ground crew, gifted the mountains on BOTH sides of our little valley. That’s 100 miles long, times two – about 400 pieces of orgonite. Don has been wanting to do this for about five  years, ever since he learned how to fly so he could gift the world from above. So he basically ringed our valley in orgonite. We have had wildly shifting weather since he finished. About two or three hours after he was done, we had a 5-minute hailstorm with hail the size of walnuts. It’s been nine years or so since we’ve had major hail.

Then, a few hours after that, Don and Carol spotted a funnel cloud (tornado) forming while driving back to our house. The cloud energy has been pretty volatile, and today we had what looked like “boiling” clouds above us. It was thundering but not raining, just really stagnant air and those weird boiling clouds. I moved one of our CB’s and pointed it up to the sky, and it finally started raining about 15 minutes later. It’s still raining as we speak. Also, last night we had a pretty strong wind storm.

So it seems to us that they are throwing some weather energy at us in retaliation for that gifting, but they can’t seem to make anything stick. We are so grateful to Don for doing all that flying (about 9 hours) and to our buddy Miguel for making the orgonite for us. We are really blessed with some wonderful friends!

~ Dooney

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  1. silvio ew says:


    i read that you are investigating dragons, this place called Gadino coat of arms has 2 dragons. Plus you have a gifter there but shy of earth pipes I wonder why.
    Gandino is probably where 2 dragons meet, that name was written in yesterdays clouds (got photo). Anecdote, the 1000 red shirts for Garibaldi army where fabricated in Gandino, plus claims of ufo sightings.

    45°49′N 9°54′E