My new favorite toy

I haven’t been much of a dowser in the past because I found that I didn’t get reliable answers. However, lately I’ve been dowsing more and more with a pendulum that Carol gave me as a gift. It’s a triangle with a crystal hanging down in the middle and the seven body chakra colors in crystals above. I’ve found that my dowsing has been more accurate with this pendulum. Now, Carol has found another pendulum, pictured at right, by the same folks who make the triangle pendulum. This one is a merkaba shape (two interlocking tetrahedrons) with stones at each point. My stones happen to be rose quartz, and this was a gift from Carol’s daughter. I really like the energy of this pendulum and Carol is using one with hematite at the points and says it the most accurate pendulum she’s ever used. She’ll be selling these soon on her website with a selection of different stones to choose from. I don’t think I’d ever make a major life decision based on a pendulum swing, but I have found that if I hold my Lapis and Herkimer diamond in my left hand, or an SP, and use my right hand to dowse the pendulum, I tend to get clearer answers. Dowsing is more successful the clearer you are, the more grounded you are; really, the more neutral you are. This rose quartz pendulum helps me stay focused on my heart while I’m dowsing, so I think that helps a lot. I think these are going to be fairly inexpensive…look for them soon on Carol’s site at

~ Dooney

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