An amazing sky

This picture is typical of what we are seeing in our valley since Don’s airplane gifting of all the mountains. Today they tried to white us out with chemspray, but as soon as a trail would be laid down, a sylph would come out to destroy the chemtrail. Stevo and I sat out on a bench in our pasture this evening and watched more trails being laid down and more and more sylphs coming to the rescue. I actually took 360 degrees worth of pics that look just like this…there were an amazing number of sylphs in our sky today! We haven’t seen this much sylph activity since we first started gifting in 2004. Our weather has calmed down quite a bit now and we seem to be having typical June weather for Montana. The only difference is the sylphs. :-)  The chemtrails now look more like contrails, as the spray is evaporating almost as soon as it is laid down. Thanks again to our friends who made this happen!

~ Dooney

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