Travel bug

Stevo and I are traveling at the moment, which is always an adventure because we have the dogs with us. :-)  It’s always hard to leave the relative safety of our over-gifted property, but like Stevo says, sometimes you gotta flex your bravery muscles. It was interesting to see the state of the skies along our route, and we realized that we need to do some long-range gifting in Montana and Idaho because we were under chemtrail white-out for about 5 hours of our drive. As soon as we got out of our valley, the white-out began. So I think we’ll be making a few CB’s to set out in the wilderness and work on the energy out there.

We also noticed a weird thing in Salt Lake City, which is that the west side of the city seems clear with normal skies, but the east side looks totally different, with nasty clouds and bad energy. So I just put a call out on EW for more gifting in that city. Utah as a whole is a state with really strange energy and I’ve never enjoyed driving through there, but I have to say it feels a whole lot better than it did 5 years ago, especially Salt Lake City, so I know that someone is doing some good work there.

It was kind of fun to go on a long drive and get all jazzed up to do some more gifting outside our valley. Several years ago we gifted all the weatherballs in Montana and left a CB out in the wilderness in Eastern Montana. That was a really fun trip and we felt the benefits immediately. Since gifting all the weatherballs we have had very little HAARP cloud activity.

This trip has also been our maiden voyage for our new travel crystal. I kind of forgot we had it with us until we approached the big city, then I used it to ensure smooth traffic. The funny thing is that I got the feeling the crystal was sitting there saying “It’s about time you used me!”  :-)

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