Those Amazing Golden Lemurians

Golden Lemurian double twin

Last year Stevo and I went to Quartzsite, Arizona with Carol and visited all the gem shows. Carol had found a guy selling Golden Lemurian clusters, and we bought one, which I posted about. This year, Carol and I found a ton of Golden Lemurian wands in Tucson, and I bought four big ones for Stevo and I to use. I really just started using mine recently and am amazed at how strong the energy is. I’ve used one of mine a couple of times in my coaching work to heal chakras, but just recently I picked up the one in this picture and used it in a group chat. The energy was simply amazing. Everything happens more quickly when you are using a Golden Lemurian, whether you are doing energy healing, physical healing or just boosting in general. The wand pictured here is one I got for Stevo, thinking it was a twin, but it has two more tiny points on one side, so it’s actually a double twiin. Holding it in my hand is like holding the heart of a very special being. It’s hard to explain. The Goldens are also called Golden Healers and Radiant Hearts, but they do have the lines and ridges on them like the regular Lemurians, and they have the high pitched sound when you clink another crystal against them.

Carol picked up a bunch of Goldens to sell and you will find them on her site at on the Caro’s Choice page. She also got a few personal pieces, one of which has a perfectly symmetrical point, which I now know (see previous post) is a generator crystal, which uses the Earth’s energy to recharge, and will also broadcast energy through the Earth’s energy field (or aura). I realized the other day that one of my golden wands is also a generator crystal, but with a slightly imperfect tip. However, this is the wand I have instinctively used in my coaching sessions and it works really well. Carol picked hers up in our group chat the other day and we all boosted through it with, you guessed it, amazing results!

I think the Golden Lemurians are not too well known by most people but they have a very big presence and these large wands almost feel like you have a good friend visiting your house. If you can get one I highly recommend it. I don’t think there are too many of them around and the prices Carol is charging are really fair.

~ Dooney

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