Don’t underestimate the power of plain old clear quartz

Clear quartz is probably the most common crystal out there and people tend to forget how powerful it is in pursuit of the more rare and colorful stones. I have read several things lately about clear quartz that reminded me that clear quartz has so many qualities that people are looking for in a crystal, especially the multi-dimensional quality.

According to my stone guru, Robert Simmons, it’s main properties are energy amplification (including it’s ability to transform mechanical energy into electromagnetic energy), programmability and memory. It’s a high consciousness stone, which is why I included it in my Higher Consciousness bracelet, and it’s also a stone of healing. Indigenous cultures all over the world have used it for healing and in religious ceremonies. Robert also says that clear quartz can be used for “almost any metaphysical purpose,” due to it’s ability to be programmed. Programming is nothing more than focusing on the crystal and asking it to help you reach a desired goal, whether that is prosperity, abundance, healing, etc. The more often you focus on that crystal and ask for what you want, the more quickly you will see your wishes manifest in 3D.

In my opinion, manifestation is simply putting enough energy on a thought to bring it from the etheric into the physcial matrix of 3D. There’s all this energy floating around out there and it takes focus to coalesce a thought into matter. Like Peter Gabriel said in a song “all of the buildings and all of the cars were once just a dream in somebody’s head.” That’s how manifesting works. Clear quartz just amplifies whatever you focus on. It is a stone of Light and it is also a stone of the Atlanteans. Once when we were chatting with Carol and Don, Carol asked if we had a clear quartz piece to use during the chat so I grabbed a lovely polished point that Stevo had bought a long time ago. I immediately perceived an old man standing near me and when I told Carol that, she said it was an Atlantean guide helping me.

Here are some variations of clear quartz from Roberts book:

Laser Wand – long, tapered, with fine terminations that focus energy like a beam for healing.

Generator – six equal sides forming a perfect point (see Carol’s Golden Lemurian Generator at at the bottom of the page), it’s an Earth energy battery, using the energy of the Earth’s aura, and you can use it to recharge your body’s “battery”.

Tabular – flat, broad sides, they act as a bridge of light and are good for healing, especially the meridian and chakra systems.

Double-terminated – comes to a point at each end, energy can flow in both directions, so can bridge blockages or gaps in your energy system, and can bring high consciousness energy in while grounding negative energy out.

Self-healed – one end is broken and has healed over with a growth of quartz crystal, good for healing work.

Raised and Sunken Record Keepers – have raised or sunken triangles on the main termination faces, raised record keepers let you access information within your body, sunken record keepers store information in the stone (mostly Atlantean).

Dow – one of the faces of the termination point is like a large “window” (see Carol’s personal collection Golden Lemurian dow), it’s a “sign of impending transformation and a quantum leap in consciousness and compassion”.

Portal – a seventh face on the termination that is shaped like a parallelogram, can be used to access other dimensions, times and realms of existence, activates the left or right side of the brain.

There are other quartz crystals outlined in the book but some of them are just too newagey sounding for me, but feel free to read up on your own. The point here is that there are so many things you can do with clear quartz, and it should be a big part of your crystal “toolbox”. I have numerous pieces of clear quartz, including a clear quartz dodec (small) that I picked up at a rock show.

Have fun exploring this wonderful stone!

~ Dooney

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