Do you have a travel crystal?

Before I was really into crystals a friend of mine who is a rockhound lent us her “travel crystal,” just a nice piece of clear, polished quartz that had been all over the world in a special silk pouch and had really good travel juju. We took it with us to Australia in 2000 and I almost lost it but managed to find it again. We picked out our own travel crystal and let it sit in the bag with our friends’ crystal to soak up some of the travel juju.

Once I was flying to California from Montana for a family emergency and I had to go through Salt Lake City, which is an awful airport (or at least it was then) and it was winter so the flight schedule was iffy. I was really worried about whether or not my connecting flight would even take off. I was sitting in the airport holding my travel crystal and basically just asking for it to get me on the plane. Our flight had already been delayed once and they had just announced that it would be a while before they knew the status of the flight. So there I was, rubbing my crystal and talking to it, probably looking like a flake, when all of sudden the flight was announced and boarding began!

That was the clearest incident for me of the travel crystal working. I generally leave it in the car since most of our travel is driving and then I carry other crystals with me when I fly. I think it’s a good idea to have one dedicated to travel. Pick one that you love and that has special energy for you. It doesn’t have to be quartz, but it can be whatever feels right to you.

~ Dooney

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