Beware the Smart Meter

One of the things I’ve been wanting to blog about is the new digital meters that the power companies are installing on houses. Our meter got changed out without us knowing about it or knowing how harmful they are. When Stevo was having trouble sleeping recently, Carol asked if we had a digital meter on our power line, and we found out we did. She said having one of those is like having a cell tower attached to your house because they put off so much EMF.

Recently, while Don and Carol were visiting, we tested the meter with muscle testing. Standing right next to the meter weakened a strong muscle. Then we tried a foot away, two feet away, then five feet away….still testing weak. So we wrapped the meter in several layers of regular aluminum foil. After doing that, I could stand right next to the meter and a strong muscle didn’t weaken. Surrounding the meter with TB’s did not produce the same effect of mitigating the muscle weakness….I’m not sure why.

A few weeks ago I noticed that someone (from the power company, I’m sure) had cut a hole in the aluminum foil to show the face of the meter. So that means they can’t read the meter from the street with the foil wrapped around it. I re-wrapped it, but I’m sure they’ll cut it away again next month. :-)

Stevo read online that these meters are not UL approved, and these meters have a tendency to send power spikes through the power lines. Without UL approval, your insurance company won’t cover any fire or other damage that is caused by a power spike. How do the power companies get away with using non-approved equipment? Good question. Carol also told me that if you catch them in the act of coming on your property to switch your meter, you can stand out there by the meter and demand that they leave the analog meter in place.

We’ve both been sleeping better since wrapping the meter. I guess the “wackos” in the tinfoil hats were onto something after all. :-)

~ Dooney

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One Response to Beware the Smart Meter

  1. Joe says:

    I immediately wrapped our “smart meter” in tin foil after reading this. I had a tb on top of it before. Also the energy bill mysteriously doubled.