Back to Blogging….finally!

I haven’t been able to blog since February because I apparently needed to update my WordPress software. I finally got around to doing it today and voila! I’m back. The funny thing is that I’ve had a bunch of things I’ve wanted to blog about in the past six weeks, so of course I didn’t have access to my blog. Now I can’t remember one of those things!

I’ve been busy getting ready to garden and doing a lot of coaching and bracelet-making. I’ve been doing a lot of work with a gifter who’s getting attacked quite heavily, and I think we are finally making some headway in his situation. We’ve even done a group chat for him with Stevo, Don and Carol, and that was very helpful. I’ll be meeting him in person soon, and our combined boosting energy will get even stronger once we have met. We’ve been working together three or so times a week for several months and my skills have gotten even better. We’ve dodeced a lot of people and I’ve been getting even better at reading energy remotely.

There was a bead show here in Missoula so I went and spent a bunch of money on more beads, then I put out four more Limited Edition bracelets:  Kundalini Awakening, Aura Balancing, Stress Release and Inner Peace & Joy. I’ve got ideas for several more, so stay tuned. I have a lot of fun putting the bracelets together and imagining how they are going to help people. I always use myself as a guinea pig. :-)

Well, this will be a short post but now that I can blog again I hope to be doing so more often.

~ Dooney

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