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Well, a lot has happened in the past month. Sammy is almost completely recovered from being hit by a car, and we’ve been lucky enough to have a holistic vet friend working on him and Molly to fine-tune their health. She does chiropractic, cranial-sacral and acupuncture treaments. We have notice a marked improvement in both the dogs since our friend Dr. Linda has worked on them. Sammy is dealing with leftover minor owies from the accident, and Molly has a suspected torn ligament in one knee from some rough play with Sammy last fall. It was really interesting to watch Molly’s energy change after Dr. Linda inserted the acupuncture needles. Her energy began to flow much more freely and felt a lot stronger, much like what I feel after I work on someone’s chakras.

In other news, Carol and I traveled to Tucson for the gem shows and had a blast. It’s totally overwhelming to walk into a giant (and I mean big) tent with hundreds of vendors and a pocket full of cash, and know that there are hundreds of tents just like it spread out around Tucson. I was able to find beads I haven’t seen anywhere else, so I concentrated on buying those instead of getting the more readily available beads. When I got home I made some Limited Edition bracelets, which you can view and purchase on my site.

I’ve gotten some good feedback on my Higher Consciousness bracelet, which has clear and gold Azeztulite in it. This is a stone that is what Robert Simmons, author of “The Book of Stones”, calls a Stone for the New Consciousness (his other book). I actually got to meet Robert at his booth, which was actually a whole building, and tell him how much I enjoy his books. He gave me a great deal on the Azeztulite, otherwise I never would have been able to afford it and make bracelets for the etheric warriors. I need to do some more reading on Azeztulite, but I do know that it feels really good to wear it. It’s a stone that helps me get into 13D really quickly.

I also picked up four Golden Lemurian (healer) wands, a larimar ring and pendant, an azeztulite pendant, and a danburite/moldavite pendant, among other things. I got a great piece of apophyllite to use in my coaching work and a couple of small rough stones to try out. I also got several presents for Stevo since he couldn’t come to the show with us. I know I bought too much stuff, but it’s really hard to resist when you’re at the shows and the rocks are just sitting there, looking so wonderful!

In any case, time seems to be speeding up even more nowadays, and I’ve heard many people remarking on it. It’s already the end of February! Granted, I spent most of January in a sleep-deprived fog due to Sammy’s accident, but still…what’s up? It feels like the energy on the planet is so much more heightened and it just keeps spiraling up. It feels like the gray areas are melting away as people’s consciousness polarizes to one extreme or the other.

So the thing to remember now is simply to breathe, to be in present time, to keep focused on what you want to manifest in your life, and most importantly to keep Love foremost in your mind. Anything else that you send out is going to be counterproductive for you and the universe. It can be really difficult, which I have personally experienced. The low times are really low, and the high times are really high. There’s no more in-between, so focus on keeping your energy in the high frequency of love and you’ll be okay. Love, compassion, joy, and the other high frequency emotions are what will get you through this time of shifting energies.

~ Dooney

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