A Wild Ride

It’s been a rollercoaster month or so here at Casa Smith-Weise! After returning from my trip to see my grandparents I went over to Don and Carol’s to take the aura photos that are now on my site. I had to flex my bravery muscles to drive alone over the mountains in winter, but I did it and got some great photos as a result. Carol and I have been trying to get these photos done for most of this year, but something always stopped us. I found out why.

After posting the aura photos and posting about them on EW, I received orders for probably 50 bracelets in a week. I’ve been making bracelets every day, and it’s been so much fun! Perhaps you’ve read on EW about the business attacks that have been happening on many of the EW vendors since about the beginning of June. It’s affected my business as well, as I didn’t receive any bracelet orders for about 4 months after three months or so of steady orders. I still got coaching orders, but no bracelet orders, so they didn’t want me succeeding with the gemstones.

Well, the aura photos broke through that energy, and I think it’s because those photos are really instrumental in helping people understand the nature of human energy. So now I know why Carol and I had such a hard time getting this accomplished.

Stevo’s been getting personally attacked for about the last month or so, with huge energy cords in his third and fourth chakras that keep him awake all night. I finally discovered them and tried to wake myself up at night to help him but we finally had to get in the chat with Don and Carol to get the cords off of him. Then they started to attack me the same way. I was awake for almost 48 hours straight, but another chat with Don and Carol got them to stop attacking me. We also discovered the magic of burning various candle colors to help with our energy situation and we’ve been impressed with the results so were going to start selling the candles on my website.

So, who knows what will happen for the rest of this month? We’re just hanging onto each other and remembering to breathe. :-)

~ Dooney

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