My crystal helpers

helpers1These are the crystals I use regularly while coaching folks. I use the lapis sphere and the Herkimer diamond for clearing and psychic vision. Herkimer also increases the energy of all other stones. As I’m working on someone’s chakras, I pick up a stone appropriate for that chakra. I use carnelian for first and second chakras, yellow quartz for the third chakra, peridot and pink tourmaline for the 4th and unconditional love (4-1/2) chakras, aquamarine for the 5th chakra, sodalite for the 6th chakra and a cool amethyst dodec for the 7th chakra. I also have celestite for checking the aura, danburite for removing entities, ametrine for cutting cords, bloodstone for healing and a lemurian for extra oomph. :-) That cool-looking green device in the back of the pic is a Cesco invention that works great for healing.

helpers2Here are some of my other helpers…Stevo and I have several caches of stones scattered around the house that we can pick up any time we need a little help. Sometimes I will make a pile of stones on top of a Post-It note that has someone’s name on it…kind of a crude radionics effect for helping someone who is being particularly hassled. It seems to help, based on the feedback I get. Many times I have picked a stone that turns out to be that person’s favorite stone. I’ve gotten so used to communicating with the stones that I don’t even really think about it anymore. I just reach for the stone that seems to be the right one. I do have several spheres, a couple of eggs and two dodecs, but most of my stones are rough pieces or small tumbled pieces. They don’t have to be big and expensive to work. I’m still learning a lot about crystals and what each one does…I’m sure I’ll be learning the rest of my life. I encourage the people I coach to get stones and work with them, too.

This weekend I’ll be at a bead show with Carol to pick up stuff I couldn’t find at Quartzsite. I have to make sure I take my grounding bracelet to deal with the energy of a lot of gemstones in one place! Can’t wait…. :-)

~ Dooney

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