Laura with the Aura

That’s what my work colleagues used to call me when I worked at Apple….don’t ask my why! But it seems appropriate to my life now. We visited Don and Carol over the weekend and Carol and I went to a bead show and went a little bit crazy buying beads. I ended up buying as much there as I bought at Quartzsite. The cool thing about that is I got a lot of new kinds of stones and I’m on the way to making a bunch of new bracelets and extending the product line. It’s so fun! In fact, I couldn’t sleep last night for thinking about beads and bracelets….

The other cool thing that happened is that we played around with Carol’s new aura camera, which hooks up to a computer and gives you a real-time image of your aura. I’ve never seen one in person before and it was really fascinating. We ended up testing my bracelets and Carol’s HP to see how they changed a person’s aura and it was very easy to see the effects of both. Carol has generously offered to do some video recordings of how some of my different bracelets change the aura, and I’ll be able to post those on my website in the near future. I think it will really help people to understand how the human energy system works, and how orgonite and gemstones help the energy system.

Carol also gave me a Cards of Destiny book so I can do readings on folks I coach and those who order bracelets. It’s a fascinating system with a bit of a learning curve but I’m looking forward to doing readings. If you’re thinking about buying a bracelet and want a reading, just email me and include your birthdate.

Stay tuned for more bracelets!
~ Dooney

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