Underground gifting

We finally finished gifting the underground facility south of us that was beaming Stevo’s biz to shut us down. Don and Carol generously donated 12 earthpipes and a box full of TB’s for our mission. We did most of it several weeks ago, then visited Don and Carol and when we discussed our gifting with Carol she felt that we needed to place one more EP. She’s right…we had missed one spot because we had run out of EP’s. So they gave us another one and we got down there last Sunday to place it. Even before we placed it we could tell that the energy in that area had changed. Previously, we have always felt uncomfortable traveling through that area, and there was a lot of fear energy there. Now the energy is a lot softer and doesn’t have the fear vibe. We placed the EP around this facility in a multiple-mile-wide circle, with TB’s scattered around.

We also gifted a big lake in that area as we know that water gifting is very effective. We had found out about the underground facility from a friend of Carol’s who had spent some time near there. She was very glad to hear that we had taken care of it. Apparently it’s a very large facility. We didn’t experience any interference, except that it has taken me four tries to post about this! 😉 Now that I’m feeling better, I hope to resume gifting. I still can’t pour resin because of the fumes, but we can buy what we need from Ben. Yay!

And….the phone started ringing again.

~ Dooney

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