More Ben Morton magic

Ben and I traded for this pendant when I first met him, and it was a new creation he was playing around with. It’s a really beautiful piece, and I especially like the labyrinth in the middle. The weekend I met Ben we used this pendant in the Montauk chat to help someone who was being attacked. The labyrinth in the middle seems to be an important feature for capturing entities who are bothering people. There’s a lot of amethyst around the edge of the pendant, as well as some other stones that I’ll keep secret for now. benpendant

I also had another interesting experience with the Orgone Candle. My feet sometimes hurt when I lay down due to diabetic neuropathy, so I pointed the candle at my foot one night to see what would happen. The pain increased dramatically for about 30 seconds to the point where I almost took it away from my foot. But I decided to tough it out to see if it would get better, and it did. After the first 30 seconds, the pain started to gradually fade, and after about 3 minutes it was gone. I lay there waiting for the pain to come back but it never did. I moved it to my other foot, which was not hurting as badly, and I didn’t have the dramatic increase in pain, only the gradual fading of the pain. Both feet have been pain free since. Cool!

~ Dooney

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  1. SILVIO says:

    When I discovered EW in 2010, I digged being scared and amazed reading gifting reports and psychics experiences and discoveries on EW. I wonder if Ben’s stuff is still relevant?