Energetic reminder

I had an interesting experience while coaching someone the other day. Just a few minutes before getting in the chat for the session I started to feel nauseated and headachy. A few minutes into the chat, Stevo happened to come into the room and I told him I was feeling bad. He said, “You’ve got a cord in your 3rd chakra.” Sure enough, I did. I stopped the chat for a few minutes so I could work on myself and I immediately felt better. What I realized as I continued to work on my client was that I had taken on the client’s 3rd chakra energy. I hadn’t properly protected myself before starting the session. The interesting thing was that it happened before we even got in the chat together. I’m sure that’s because I was already thinking of the client and the session and our energies were already starting to interact.

I think that’s an example of how boosting and sending energy works…you merely have to focus your attention on something and the energy starts flowing in that direction. “Energy follows attention”, right? This episode really underscored that for me. It’s very easy to forget that you are projecting your energy all the time. What are you sending out? Are you sending out love or fear? The challenge is to be aware of this every minute of the day while still living your 3D life. It also really helps to have a husband who is psychic. :-)

~ Dooney

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