Dreams of spring

I’ve been planting bulbs lately in our newly tilled and mulched flower garden. We bought 360 bulbs and so far I’ve planted 72. It’s going to be a long week! But come spring, we’ll have a gorgeous flower garden.

It’s so great to work outdoors, smelling the pine trees, blue sky above, hands in the dirt. For me, it’s the best way to ground myself, touching the earth. It also feels really good to interact with living plants. You can talk to plants the same way you talk to animals and humans. I remember once in one of my animal communication seminars we practiced on plants, and I talked to a rose bush. There was also a little caterpillar on the rosebush and I talked to it too. It wanted me to know how beautiful and wonderful it was, and the little caterpillar actually reared up and wiggled his little feet while we had this conversation. It was pretty wild.

I haven’t been able to do much outdoors all year, so it feels really good to be getting my health back and to be able to do this stuff. In other news, our new dog Molly is fitting into the family like she’s always lived here. What a doll she is! Sammy has calmed down so much since she came along, and they enjoy playing together. I had a dream about Charlie this morning and he seemed very happy. I feel like Molly is helping me start to heal my heart. I will always miss my boys, though.

~ Dooney

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