Etheric attack – will they ever give up?

Stevo and I experienced another rather harsh attack this past week, with Stevo bearing the brunt of it. First of all, his mid-back was hurting and he was unable to get it resolved with all his usual self-therapies. Secondly, the business phone stopped ringing. Completely. This never happens unless we are under attack. Of course, it took us several days to realize this! We asked Don and Carol to chat with us last night and Carol found 9 etheric knives in Stevo’s back (ouch!) a ship over our house and and energy beam coming from the south end of our valley aimed at us. I had known yesterday morning that Stevo had knives in his back, but I didn’t know how many and I was unable to remove them myself.

After the four of us boosted for a while, Stevo’s pain level went down from a 10 to a 5 and as of this morning it was a 2. Major improvement. And, the phone rang first thing! It’s not always easy to know you are under attack when it’s happening, even if you’re psychic. 3D life intrudes in a major way and it’s a challenge to always be clear. We’ve had an especially hard time of it this past year, with several major losses and anxiety-producing situations, along with my battle with diabetes. We are so glad to have great friends like Don and Carol, who will drop whatever they are doing to help us. Thanks you two!

We’re going to gift the facility that was beaming us, and we used Ben Morton’s Orgone Candles to boost the ship overhead and it skeedadled right away. The beam aimed at us was using the ship to get to us, so once the ship was gone the beam was disabled. They have to think up new ways to get to us these days because we have done so much work to protect our space and property. They have been trying to destroy Stevo’s biz since 2004 and it hasn’t worked yet.

~ Dooney

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