Why don’t you answer me?

I haven’t been very responsive to emails lately and I’m issuing a blanket apology. :-)  I am frequently not feeling well, and email goes to the bottom of the priority list when it takes all my energy to simply make sure everyone is fed and has clean clothes. Naps are my number one activity lately. About once a month I go through my inbox and try to answer anything that I’ve missed. So if I haven’t answered your email, please be patient. I try to get to everyone.

If you are under attack and having lots of problems, please do the following:

1. Read and practice the basic grounding exercise at least once a day.

2. Look at my recommendations for using crystals…a lot of them are for protection.

3. Read the Rose technique, the Triangle exercise and the Dodec exercise and practice those for clearing and protection.

4. Read and practice the boosting exercises. This is the best way to get someone off your back who is attacking you. You can’t be a victim…you’ve got to fight for your life.

There is a lot you can do for yourself, but it takes work. Someone I coached recently was kind of disappointed that I couldn’t solve all problems in one session, and I told them that this type of thing takes hard work on their part. I’m just the coach. You have to take the responsibilty to do the work and take control of your life. It’s hard work and it’s not fun, but if you want to be free you have to fight. I think a lot of spiritually-minded people have been brainwashed into believing that they shouldn’t fight. But the strongest spiritual people I know are those who have done exactly that.

It’s like getting healthy…no one can do the work for you. I’m lucky to have a coach like Stevo and even so, it’s been hell getting healthy. You can’t give up, folks. Fight for your life and your birthright….freedom!

~ Dooney

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