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I can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since my last post. Is it just me or is time speeding up? I mean, not just the normal I’m-getting-older-and-life-is-flying-by kind of speed, but a true compression of time that seems abnormal. Of course, I spend so much time napping I’m probably not the best judge of time passing. :-)

I just spent an hour and half cleaning out my email inbox, so if I still haven’t answered your email, try me again. I managed to be in my own chat room today as well, for a little more than two hours, which is a record for me lately. We worked on each other, starting with Stevo’s biz. It turned off like a switch this week, which usually means an etheric attack. They just love to tweak Stevo by threatening us financially. Our chat friends helped a lot today and the energy feels a lot better here. A local enemy who we boosted into oblivion many years ago seems to be actively working against us again, so we gave them another love treatment today. We also had an energy dome over our property, which is what they do to make us invisible. The two 108’s that Don made us help a lot with these kinds of attacks, and it seems that this time they worked their black magic outside the sphere of the 108’s.

The thing about doing this kind of work is that you never really get a break from the attacks. I always warn people who say “I want to do what you do” that it’s not a picnic. Stevo and I just keep deciding to fight and we always find that it’s worth it. I know in my heart that we have helped a lot of people and saved a lot of lives and that’s all I need to get out of it.

Interesting weather happenings here in Montana….we’ve had a ton of rain and even so the local paper is crying about the “severe drought” we are experiencing. I swear, people don’t take the time to look out their windows. It’s just another example of the kind of fear-mongering spread by the media trying to get people all riled up. One DJ on a local radio station was making fun of the fear-mongers saying this is the wettest drought he’s ever seen. At least some people have their eyes open…

~ Dooney

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