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Health problems have prevented me from having any energy to chat or blog, but I think I’m finally on the mend. The chatters have done a lot of work on me (thanks you guys!) and were seeing that I was being attacked in a voodoo-like manner, and they were trying to kill me to keep me from coaching people. Well, that didn’t happen, and according to my cards (Read by Carol, thanks good friend!) I am out of danger and on my way back.

Carol uses the Cards of Destiny, which are very interesting and astoundingly accurate. I’m in my 45th year, which is a decision year that determines how the rest of your life will go. I have a lot of death cards this year, most of them behind me now. This is definitely a year of lessons and growth for me. It pretty much started with the death of our beloved dog Jack, and has continued with my ongoing health struggles. I’m married to a great healer and he has kept me alive, but I’m learning a lot through these health challenges and I think that’s why I have to go through it.

One thing that has helped a lot is going back to my acupuncturist. His treatments and Stevo’s treatments are very complementary. And of course, acupuncture is all about your energy system. I found a very interesting book on Amazon called “Healing Stones for the Vital Organs.” It’s all about the Chinese body clock and what stones to use for the different two-hour time periods of the clock. If you’re not familiar with the Chinese body clock, do a Google search. Chinese medicine divides the clock into 2-hour increments, and each organ has it’s own time period where it is most strong. For instance, the stomach is strongest from 7-9am, so that’s why you need to get up and eat breakfast. I started doing that and have felt better. Check it out…

I wanted to mention here about the forest fire that burned close to our home for three months this summer. I believe I talked about it in a previous post, but the cool thing that happened is that Don brought over a 108, which is an orgonite tool that has 108 pieces of orgonite in a certain pattern, to help with Steve business being slammed. He brought it over on the July 4th weekend, and the forest fire started on July 12th. We eventually tilted the 108 up to face towards the fire. It didn’t put out the fire, but something amazing happened. The fire, which had been burning away from us into the wilderness area, had turned towards us and was approaching the peak of several hills that face our property. In the course of three months of burning, the fire never burned  down the face of the hills immediately west of us, although it did burn down the face of the hills north and south of us. Looking at an aerial map of the fire, it was obvious to me that the energy of the fire went right around our immediate area.

Don graciously brought over what we started calling a Super 108, with larger orgonite pieces that had more crystal and a copper coil in them. A week after we set it up, it snowed in the mountains and effectively eliminated all fire danger. On his next visit he took that 108 back home and we gave him some resin to make us another one, which he did. That Super 108 is now set up on our property and the original one he made for us is back in the middle of the labyrinth. So, we have had really good experiences with the 108. It took all the energy off the fire elemental that we perceived up on the peaks of the hills, and I think if we hadn’t had those 108’s set up, we would have been in much greater danger and possibly had fire at our door.

By the way, after we set up the Super 108 that Don made specifically for us, Stevo’s business improved immediately and is now pretty much back to normal. They have been trying for years to trash his business, mostly by making him invisible, energetically. The 108 is the first thing that has kept the invisibility from happening. The original 108 made a difference and the Super 108 seems to have locked in the good biz energy. Thank you once again to our good friends Don and Carol Croft for their help!

~ Dooney

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