Swine flu hullaballoo

I guess I need to address this again since I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it. We’ve worked on the swine flu issue several times in the chats, mostly trying to negate the media fear-mongering about the flu itself and the supposed forced vaccination scheme. I hope you all realize that there is no way they can enforce that vaccination plan. They don’t have the manpower to force 300 million Americans to be vaccinated, in my opinion. I was recently accused of being a faker and disinfo artist because I’m not terrified about the forced vaccinations. Oh well….

The interesting thing is that the “flu” that people are “catching” comes on so quickly that there’s no way it’s traveling from person to person. Just today, one of Stevo’s patients told me that one of her kids “got” the flu at a restaurant and one “got” the flu at Best Buy. The symptoms came on so quickly that they were able to pinpoint the source of infection. Does this sound crazy to anyone else besides me?

I think all the media noise about forced vaccinations is happening to cover up the fact that people are being poisoned with a substance (probably being sprayed) that mimics the flu. We’re going to work on this issue in the chats this weekend and see if we can slow down and/or divert the energy before it snowballs into a pandemic. Speaking of pandemics, while I was visiting my grandparents recently, all the hype on TV (I don’t watch TV, so this was interesting) was about the arrival of the swine flu vaccines, and the TV reporter said how wonderful it was to have the vaccine to counteract this “increasing pandemic.” I don’t think she know the meaning of the word. If we were in a “pandemic”, millions of people would be dropping like flies. This is how the media creates hysteria.

What you will never hear on TV is how good nutrition, detox protocols and whole food supplements can take care of any flu symptoms. They’ll never tell you that a high-quality calcium supplement, in the proper form, can enable you to survive even the Black Plague (study done at Lawrence Livermore labs). You have to be proactive, do research, find out stuff for yourself and not buy into what the media tells you. They don’t have your best interests at heart. Neither does the FDA, the CDC or the AMA. Just take care of your bod, folks.

~ Dooney

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One Response to Swine flu hullaballoo

  1. Anna Schulte says:

    Dooney – it’s really refreshing to read your implementations about the flu hoax.
    They are trying so hard to make sth. out of it but somehow the stream seems to flow opposed to their wishes.

    The fact of poisoning people through some kind of aerosol or something else makes very much sense to me, as well.

    Of course they will never offer anything usable (as you mentioned) in that and other cases on TV.
    What else can you expect?

    Good to know that there are other sources where you can get real informations and do your own research. 😉

    All the best !