More on the swine flu

Stevo found this article on about how CBS has exposed a government hoax on swine flu reporting. They’re saying that 83-97% of all samples gathered from “sick” people and sent to the CDC areĀ  negative for the swine flu. Check it out at…restimated.aspx

And according to BBC News, Obama has just declared a national emergency because of the swine flu. We’re being lied to folks….

~ Dooney

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One Response to More on the swine flu

  1. Kathi Mattson says:

    I live in Mormon country. The people here flat out refuse to vaccinate their kids! They cite religious objections, but they also discuss contaminated vaccines, nasty little implants, and the increased incidence of autism, etc. The pediatricians get absolutely irate when you refuse to vaccinate for shingles, chickenpox, measles and mumps, encephalitis, especially since we’re so close to Mexico.
    when i was a kid, EVERYBODY had measles, chickenpox, and mumps, sometimes more than once!
    The two times i was vaccinated for flu I got sicker than I’d ever been when I had got the flu, which was only once or twice.
    Things that make you say, “Hmmmmmm”