Remembering Black Jack

 We had to make the sad decision to put Black Jack down last week. His health problem was more immediate and severe than we had hoped. He had some kind of mass on his spleen, most likely a tumor, and it began to cause other problems. On May 27th, he woke up in the middle of the night panting and shaking. I sat with him for two hours until he went back to sleep. On Thursday morning he rallied, but by the afternoon he couldn’t walk, wouldn’t eat or drink and he was having trouble breathing. We expected him to die Thursday night, but he made it through the night and perked up Friday morning when I forced some water into him. Within the hour, though he was unable to walk again. His belly had swollen up on Thursday, which was one of the symptoms of his spleen disorder, and had not receded like before.

It seemed it was time to let him go. He looked so tired and his poor body was so worn out. His spleen would eventually have ruptured and caused a lot of pain. We called the mobile vet who came to the house to give him the shots, and he died on the front lawn in our arms. We buried him in our pasture. Charlie scratched out a bed in the dirt right next to the grave and lay there several times over the next few days. We have been crying ever since he died, and we are heartbroken. Charlie has been looking for him everywhere and has been unnaturally subdued and quiet.

Jack has come to me twice in my dreams, and both times he looked young and healthy and happy. That has helped a lot, but I still feel I am grieving deeply. He was more than a pet – he was a loyal friend, a fellow etheric warrior, a protector and a most loving companion. He used to follow me around the house everywhere and if he couldn’t see me, he’d coming looking for me, peeking his head around the door of each room until he found me. He used to wag his tail when I gave him food, like he couldn’t believe I was feeding him again. He snored like an old man, and the house is too quiet now. His sweet brown eyes followed me everywhere and he radiated love.

A lot of you have emailed us with your condolences and we really appreciate that. We’ll get back in the etheric fray soon, when we feel we have something to give.

~ Dooney

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2 Responses to Remembering Black Jack

  1. Lee Nichols says:

    I had heard you were greving but I did not know why? Now I know and understand how you feel. Very sad. I know how I cried when I put down Red in CA. She got sick and would not eat and turned to skin and bones. Either someone gave her glass or she had cancer. She was such a sweetheart and a great protector. Our dogs are family as well as all of our animals. Peppy died her in MI of cancer of the prostate. He died in moms arms. He is buried in the back yard with some of our cats. We miss every one of them very much. You are lucky that he has come to you in your dreams. My wife and I have not had that experience.
    We did have the experience of our son that passed letting us know that he is still living on the other side where ever it is that our spirits go. We really liked that. Thank you Chad. We love you very much!

  2. gregorypedroza says:

    I am deeply sorry for your loss and wish the best to your Family.

    My prayers to you all.

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