Why you should get a Don Croft zapper

Well, it should be obvious why you should get a Don Croft zapper, but in case it’s not, here’s some info for you. I have my zapper available 24/7. I never leave the house without it. Someday I hope to save someone who’s gone into anaphylactic shock!  :) Here are some of the things I have used the zapper for:

Pesticide exposure: held it up to my throat when I was coughing uncontrollably due to pesticide exposure. Coughing stopped in about 30 seconds.

Pain control: anytime I get a wound of any kind on my body, I hold the zapper there and the pain goes away.

Tooth pain: held the zapper on my jaw to get rid of tooth pain. Works quickly. Stevo and I think it also gets into those pesky cavitations and root canals that hold long-term infections. Every time I zap my jaw, even if my teeth aren’t hurting, I get a detox reaction.

Intestinal discomfort: ate too much, ate the wrong thing, ate sugar, whatever….put it on your abdomen and you’ll feel better.

Rashes or allergic reactions: held it near the affected area and rash/itch has gone away.

Dogs and cats: infections, abcesses, intestinal problems (like when Charlie gets into the cat food at Don and Carol’s house :)  ) allergic reactions, wounds, etc. Works right on their fur, or you can hold it on their belly where the fur is thinner (dogs) or hold it on their foot pads.

Okay, here’s the really interesting thing I have discovered about Don’s zapper lately. I think I wrote about this in a chat post, but it bears repeating here. I think the zapper is capable of powering etheric structures. Specifically, I have felt it power the Faraday Dodec that I recently discovered. I happened to be zapping while chatting and I was given the info about the Faraday Dodec, which I believe helps cut off radionics attacks. I felt the zapper powering the dodec. I think you can do that type of dodec without the zapper, but it’s more powerful with the zapper.

Bottom line: get one and use it for everything!

~ Dooney

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