Never underestimate your etheric buddies

Black Jack and Charlie

Black Jack and Charlie

This is really just an excuse to post a picture of our dogs…ha ha….

Seriously, though, our dogs are great etheric warriors, especially Black Jack. Many times I’ve been out there in the ether boosting some nasty entity or other and have noticed Black Jack tagging along. He’s very protective of me. He actually takes a lot of the etheric hits when we are undergoing energy attacks. They are very aware of his physical vulnerabilities, much as they are aware of mine and Stevo’s, and they exploit that when attacking. He just came in the room as I’m writing this….always wants to be involved. :-)   How can a dog be so sweet and so fierce?

Black Jack has had some health problems lately for which the vet is unable to offer a solution, so we’re using the zapper and Standard Process whole food supps, and he’s doing great. I also do acupressure on his hips every night. He’s 13 or 14 and still going strong. He came to us via a couple who rescued him one winter when he was wandering and starving. They couldn’t keep him and were looking for a home for him. We had lost our border collie, Cowboy Joe, in a freak accident 6 months earlier and were looking for another dog. We knew a dog would come to us. I told Stevo I wanted our next dog to be named Jack. Two weeks later, we found out about this dog and this couple brought him over for us to look at. He was roaming around the front yard, looking rangy and wild, like a wolf, and I asked the guy if they had named him. “We call him Black Jack,” he said. That was it for me. Love at first sight.  :-)

Charlie is half Doberman and half St. Bernard (really) and he’s simply the most wonderful dog in the world. He’s a healer of sorts…I once saw him comfort a woman who had just been diagnosed with cancer. He went up to her and put his head in her lap and she came alive. Her face went from gray and lifeless to pink and smiling. He just has a way of making everything okay. He was born at a breeders (accidental love tryst between a pure Doberman and a pure St. Bernard). Someone who knew of the litter asked for one of the puppies, so Charlie was flown to California from Ohio at 8 weeks of age. I don’t think he’s ever recovered – he hates loud noises. Anyway, the guy who got him ended up being gone from his apartment for 14 hours a day, fishing off the Northern California coast. So Charlie grew up in a crate.

Finally, the guy gave Charlie to his parents, who lived on an orchard that was owned by friends of ours. They told us about him and we eventually went to see him. Again, love at first sight. We couldn’t believe they were giving this dog away. We took him home that day and he’s been with us ever since. Charlie is 11 years old and is still like a youngster. He’s been on a raw food diet for 9 years. I think it’s working!

We were never able to have kids, so these guys are it. They are a big part of our lives, including our etheric lives. They go on all our gifting trips with us. I know a lot of you out there are animal people, so you’ll understand. Animals are incredible examples of how to live on the earth, as beings completely connected to the earth. That connection is our birthright too, which is why I always bug people about grounding themselves. And there is no greater teacher of unconditional love than a dog. Except maybe a dolphin….  :-)

~ Dooney

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3 Responses to Never underestimate your etheric buddies

  1. Lee Nichols says:

    I am so sorry Laura. Our dogs are just like our kids and we love them and they are part of our family. We take care of them and they return this care with love to us also. If you can bare it, get another dog for you as well your other dog buddy charley. It will help both of you immensely.

  2. bdrumr56 says:

    We have met him and know the size of Blackjack’s heart. Dooney and Steve, you are extremely blessed to have such a friend and protector. His reward is to have such great folks to associate with and I believe he knows it. We were sure glad to meet him.

  3. Lee Nichols says:

    Your dog blog is very interesting. The brown looks just like my Red that died in CA. She was doberman and Rodesion Ridgeback. One of the best dogs I ever had. Extremly loyal and protective. When she rode with me in the truck, she was tight of against me like she was my girlfriend. That is how much love for me she had. I miss her very much. We also had little Peppy our black poodle at the same time and he exercised Red by playing tag a lot. He died here in MI of cancer. We loved Peppy also very much. When we had our motor home he was right up in the passenger seat with dad looking out at the landscape going by or naping on dads shirt. Now we have no dogs but we do have a sweet cat named Mesha. We of course love her very much too. Now we are older folks and it is harder to exercise a dog. No fence and I can hardly walk now days. Cats are easier.
    Lee Nichols

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