Long-term weather effects

I realized recently that the weather pattern in our valley has changed quite a bit since 2004, when we started making orgonite. We used to get a lot of very strong winds and a lot of summer thunderstorms. Our weather used to be much more violent, including a couple of nasty hailstorms. What we get now is long, soaking rains and hardly any thunder and lightening storms. The lightening storms were particularly scary because they could set off a hundred small forest fires in one night if there was no rain accompanying the lightening storm. We used to get boiling, roiling clouds that would turn green and purple right before a storm, and thunder that would echo down the whole valley.  It was quite dramatic

Now, everything seems “softer.” Our first year living here, 1999, there was a windstorm so violent that we lost 40 trees on our property – healthy¬† live trees uprooted and toppled over. We also used to get a lot more HAARP clouds over us, which are those weird wavy patterened clouds that don’t look natural. Now we only get that occasionally, since we gifted all the weatherballs in Montana (see weatherball gifting report). There are some towers in the mountains west of us that we are unable to reach until we can get up in a plane and gift from above. We have three CB’s on our property and a friend of ours has a CB that we made for him set up across the valley from us. When the sky is overcast, there is usually a blue hole in our section of the valley. :)

~ Dooney

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