We had a major windstorm last week, the kind we haven’t had in years. Kind of funny that we had this storm after I posted about how much calmer our weather has been lately. Anyway, we lost several mature pine trees, just uprooted and fell over. Dead trees were snapping off and one hit a glancing blow off our barn (no damage) and we were both afraid of getting hit by a flying piece of tree. Stevo pointed our 3 CB’s into the wind and after about ten minutes it calmed down to a regular windy day. We’ve calmed the wind like that many times in the past. I’ve actually calmed hailstorms (3 times) just using an SP. I pointed the SP up to the sky and just boosted through it.

This latest windstorm came out of the west, where the HAARP towers we can’t get to are located. I’m hoping the Etheric Air Force can get over here soon to gift our mountains! :-)

~ Dooney

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