Earth connections

I’ve been kind of neglecting my emails lately due to so much gardening work that needs to be done (sorry if you’ve emailed me and not received a reply). The thing I really like about the gardening, although it’s hard physical work, is the increased connection to the earth. I know I talked about it in another post, but I wanted to post about it again because I felt it so strongly today. I actually took today off and didn’t do any gardening, but Stevo and I went outside to walk the dogs in the woods, and while I was waiting for him to come outside I just stood there listening to the birds and feeling the wind. I felt a really strong connection to the earth through my feet, and I actually felt the “heartbeat” of the earth. It was really cool, like a subtle pulsing. The scientists have proven that human beings resonate at the same frequency as the earth (read the book “The Heartmath Solution”) and I really felt that today. I think I’m more aware of it because I’ve had my hands in the dirt so much lately (my fingernails are suffering!).

Anyway, no big revelations, I just thought it was great to feel so connected. At times like that I feel like I can feel all the energy around the planet, “good” and “bad” and the thing is that it all balances out. It felt very neutral and loving, much like what it feels like to connect with dolphins and whales. Hmmm….

~ Dooney

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