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Well, as you might have noticed, not much posting happens on my forum.  :)  It’s really more of an informational forum, although other etheric warriors do have accounts and can post. A lot of the action happens on, which is more of a tactical forum for gifting and disseminating information about targets, research and activities around the world. So don’t be surprised if you don’t see a lot of new posts on my forum. If you have something you’d like to contribute, feel free to email me and if I feel it’s appropriate, I’ll post it. What I like to see on my forum is information about energy work, healing, and different etheric exercises.

I’m not going to post newagey stuff or info from the various gurus – what I want is practical, down-to-earth information from your life experience. I try to keep things jargon-free and in plain language that’s easy to understand and assimilate. I do sometimes use words that might be considered newagey, like “chakras” because I haven’t found a better substitute and everyone knows what I mean when I use that word. I came onto my spiritual path through the newage movement, and there’s always some value to a body of information. I just prefer the more rational approach, which is what I have found in being an etheric warrior. Everybody has to find their way on their own, I think, and find what works for them.

~ Dooney

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