The Lemurians who came to visit…and stayed

Stevo and I have a particular connection with the Lemurians, a benevolent off-world race who are here to help humanity. Actually, I don’t think they are all that off-world since they have underground cities on this planet. In any case, they came to visit a few summers ago (I believe it was 2007) and have been around ever since then. I think part of the reason is that Stevo is a Lemurian, so it’s like having his family visit. This is my strong intuition and I don’t know it for a fact. I’ll leave it to Stevo to tell you about his origins if he wants to.

I was in the hot tub one night (lots of things tend to happen while I’m in the tub…I think it’s because water is a great enhancer of etheric energy) and I realized that the Lemurians were all around us, hanging out in the trees and all over in the woods. I couldn’t see them but I could feel their presence. This is the (sometimes) frustrating nature of my psychic ability. I feel and know things but don’t see them with my 3D eyes. So I have to have a lot of trust and faith in my abilities. Luckily, I have Carol and Stevo to give me confirmations, two psychics whom I trust implicitly because they have proven to be right so many times that I have lost count.

In any case, I feel the Lemurians around me. I think they have been around since before we moved here. One night in our house in San Jose, California, the light inside one our stereo cabinets starting turning on and off by itself. It’s one of those touch lights that has three brightness levels. It kept cycling through the three levels, going from dim to medium to bright to off, over and over again. Stevo saw a blue entity standing there triggering the light, having fun at our expense. It wasn’t scary at all. Another time, in that same house, I was cooking dinner and talking to Stevo, who was sitting in the dining room. I felt the presence of someone standing next to me with their arm around my shoulder. It was as real as a 3D human being standing next to me, only I couldn’t see him. Stevo saw him, though (he’s much more visually psychic than I am). It was a friendly, comforting presence and not at all scary.

So, it hasn’t really been surprising to me that the Lemurians have been around. We were getting attacked pretty badly in the summer of 2007, especially Stevo, and they came to protect us and have never really left. Every now and then I get glimpses of their energy and once I even saw a white, human-shaped figure at the back door, a first for me. Carol has seen them here and felt their presence when she visits. All I have to do is focus on them and I can feel their energy. I have wondered and asked why they haven’t shown themselves to me in 3D and the only answer I get is that I’m not ready. I have to laugh at myself because I live with one and I keep wondering when I’m going to see one! :-)

When things get really bad, they have placed a protective energy bubble around the house. They don’t really interfere unless we ask for help, which is much the same as the cetaceans. They expect us to participate in their protection of us…they are not going to just rescue us. They expect us to defend ourselves. It’s much different than sitting around waiting for the aliens to come save us, hee hee!

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