The Great & Powerful Stevo

That’s our nickname for Stevo in the chats (GPS) because, just like Carol, he is a top-notch psychic who rarely shows the full strength of his abilities.  The first time I experienced Stevo’s energy unveiled was a couple of years after we got together. We were spending the weekend with friends at a big house in the Santa Cruz mountains. Everyone was in the hot tub and the doctors (several of the men were chiropractors – colleagues of Stevo’s) started telling war stories, tales of patients who had come in with horrible festering injuries that the medical doctors had not healed.

Well,  I’m an empath, so I hear stuff like that and I see it and feel it, almost like I’m there. I’ve had several near-fainting episodes in my life because of reading something or hearing something that knocked me out of my body.  This time I made it out of the hot tub and inside to the living room, then I simply dropped to the floor. I didn’t actually go unconscious, but I was unaware of my surroundings for several minutes. I came back when the resident dog started licking my hand.

Well, everyone came in and no one noticed that I was sitting on the floor zonked out, then Stevo came over and asked me if I was okay. I told him what happened then we got up to get ready for bed. Stevo looked at me a little later and said that I was floating above my body, and he was really concerned about me. I wasn’t too worried, I just wanted to go to sleep. We laid down to go to sleep and he asked if he could do a healing on me to get me back in my body. I said yes.

The next thing I know, I feel this energy spiraling up from my feet, gradually going up my body. I felt like I was in the middle of an electrical storm and all the cells of my body were coming alive. What was happening was that I was coming back into my body and that feeling of being connected to my body again was incredible. It was the first time I was really aware that I was a spirit inside a body. I’ve never forgotten that feeling of being totally connected. It’s the best I’ve ever felt in my life. I asked Stevo later how he did it and he said he doesn’t know. :-)  He was just desperate to get me back in my body.

So that’s the kind of thing a really powerful psychic can do. I know that people I have worked on have felt my energy because they give me instant feedback, but I don’t think I’ve ever affected anyone that powerfully. Carol has the same type of energy when she does healings.

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