The dolphin connection

I think I’ve been connected to dolphins my whole life…I’ve certainly been fascinated with them my whole life. I never got close to one until 2003, when Stevo and I went on a week-long dolphin voyage with a famous animal communicator from whom I’d taken a few courses. This was a trip to Bimini in the Carribean with 30 other newagers (I would say we were newagers at that point), none of whom knew how to keep their energy to themselves. Stevo had just closed his San Jose office after four years of monthly driving commutes to and from our Montana home to San Jose. Needless to say, we were looking forward to some quality time together but were hard-pressed to find it on a boat with 30 other people who suddenly decided they wanted us as their new best friends. Nice folks, but we just wanted to be alone with the dolphins.

We did manage to have a couple of close-up encounters in the water, and there is really nothing as thrilling as having a dolphin brush past you close enough to feel it on your skin, and have them look you in the eye as if they are looking at your soul. I could actually feel their sonar bouncing off me and it was a huge adrenalin rush. I had to keep reminding myself to breathe through my snorkel. My experience was somewhat diminished by the other swimmers, some of whom were chasing after the dolphins after explicity being told not to do so. I’m afraid I ended up angry and judgemental of my fellow dolphin lovers and I really had to school myself and watch my energy.

It was a relief to move on to the second phase of our vacation, which was a week in Jamaica, but I missed what might have been with the dolphins. I had been having dreams of a dolphin swimming with me for weeks before we made the trip and as a special treat, my first close encounter happened on my 39th birthday, on the dolphin watch boat. I’d love to swim with the dolphins again, perhaps in a less restricted area such as Carol has found in Hawaii.

Ever since that trip, I’ve communicated a lot more with the dolphins. They are present in every chat we do, just waiting for us to ask for help. In fact, it was the dolphins who showed me the dodec technique during one chat. This was at a time when Stevo was getting psychically attacked so badly I thought he would die. They were beaming his head severely, causing a lot of pain and psychic disturbance. I feel they were trying to give him a fast-growing tumor to kill him. Suddenly, in the middle of a chat, while we were all boosting Stevo, the dolphins came to me and basically said, “Here, try this,” and they showed me the dodec structure and how to build it. (See my forum for instructions). It was simple and incredibly effective and we’ve been using it ever since.

Dolphins are incredibly loving creatures and very neutral in their energy. They don’t concern themselves much with “good” guys and “bad” guys. But they do align themselves with love-based beings. They are multi-dimensional and can travel through dimensions very easily. One their favorite things to do is neutralize nuke bombs and send them to another dimension. They do healings –  sometimes I’ll see seven or more dolphins attached to a person’s chakras. They use their sonar to gather psychic information. In fact, they taught Carol how to boost out through the 6th chakra to gather psychic intelligence about a target…very useful in the chats.

Once while chatting, I saw the air and sky around our property as if it were water and there were thousands of dolphins swimming in it. It stayed that ways for days and days afterward, and it felt like an extended visit from my family. It hurts like hell to hear about them being slaughtered or stranded, but I know in my heart they are playing out their role as multi-dimensional teachers and that they are not truly affected by their 3D suffering. They are not as attached to their bodies as we are, is my guess

This is getting to be a long post…more later.

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