Strange sightings…lights in the woods, lights in the sky

We live in a wooded area on 10 acres of property, so it’s usually quiet and dark at night. We like to sit out in our hot tub and look at the stars, so it stands to reason that sometimes we see unusual things.

Once when I was out there alone, I was staring at a light up on the hill where a large equestrian ranch is located. This light is on every night in the same location so it was nothing unusual. Suddenly, as I watched, the light began to move, bobbing as if it were located on a miner’s helmet and someone was walking along with the light on his hat. I simply couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The light had moved from it’s stationary position and was bobbing along in the woods. I mentioned it to Stevo and he said he’d seen the same thing a few nights earlier. One time, we saw a large ball of lights in the sky over this same ranch. It wasn’t an airplane, which has red and green lights on the wings. This was an actual ball, with red, orange, blue and green lights winking on and off. We both commented on it, then suddenly it plunged to the earth out of site behind the trees, directly over the ranch. Needless to say, that ranch has been gifted!

For a couple of years we used to see lights in the woods immediately east of our property. We tried to explain it away as car headlights and taillights, but after observing them for a while it was obviously not from a car, a bike or a flashlight of any kind. The lights were multi-colored and would dart through the woods from north to south, like blips of light through the trees. As soon as we would comment on them, they would disappear and then return a few minutes later. It would drive our dogs crazy and they would bark, even Black Jack, who is not a barker by nature. The funny thing is that the other barking dogs in the neighborhood were silent – they didn’t seem to notice. I asked Carol to look at it and she saw little alien guys running around the woods in little airborne scooters. Interestingly, when our CIA neighbors next door moved out the lights disappeared and we haven’t seen them since.

Stevo was sitting in the living room once, looking out the picture window, and saw a white ball of light come down and land in our front pasture, which is less treed than the rest of the property. We saw something similar happen when driving to a friends’ house south of here…a green ball of light came down very quickly and landed somewhere near our friends house. This is the kind of thing you see with your own eyes and always wonder about.

Once there was an incredibly bright light hanging in the sky over the mountains directly to the west of us, about 1/2 mile. At first we thought it was Venus making it’s customary summer appearance but as the night wore on and we went out to soak in the tub, the light stayed where it was, not moving with the earth’s rotation like a planet or star would. It was so bright it looked like large halogen lights hanging in the sky. We just couldn’t believe our eyes. We think they were there to show themselves to us and Carol agreed when we told her about it. After three hours or so, it finally moved off like a star would.

Several times we have seen the multi-colored balls of light that are not airplanes moving across the tops of the Bitterroot Mountains. We’re sure there’s an underground base out there, which has been confirmed by several psychics. They’ve used radionics on us from that base and Don has been dying to get over those mountains in one of his planes. He was going to do so this summer until they caused him to crash his ultralight.

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