Early gifting efforts

Our gifting adventures are never quite as exciting as Don and Carol’s, probably because those two exemplary warriors take a lot more risks than we do. I don’t think I’ve ever met two braver people in my life!

We gifted a satanic site in the woods south of here once, having stumbled across it while we were out exploring our valley and looking for a place to let our dogs run around. It was a primitive campsite with a fire ring and there were satanic symbols carved into the rocks. Very creepy. The energy was awful, like people had died there, which they probably have. We didn’t have any orgonite with us at the time, but we went back there and buried TB’s all over the place. We also sunk several EP’s both at the campsite and the surrounding woods. It was a rainy cold day and there was no one around since it was off-season for camping. Nevertheless, as Stevo finished burying the EP’s we both noticed a white truck parked a little ways down the road and the driver was watching us. There’s no way he could have seen where the EP’s were buried. He started up the truck and drove past us, then turned around down the road and stopped again. We drove away and he followed us for a little way. Typical intimidation moves, which affect us much less now then they did back then. :-)

Around the same time frame we also gifted downtown Hamilton, about 17 miles south of here, specifically the big mason hall and the government buildings. We also did the Rocky Mountain Lab, which is now becoming a level 4 bioterror lab, so they’re growing all the really bad bugs there. We EP’d around the whole lab and it was the next day that Stevo got buzzed here at the house by a red, swoopy-looking helicopter and then a white one. We believe there is a huge reptile hive under Hamilton, so we were looking to closing all the exits with EP’s. We eventually grid-gifted Hamilton with TB’s and the energy there improved immeasurably.

We’ve gifted much of our valley, which is a lot of rural farmland with pockets of bad energy here and there. We gifted the proposed site of a ridculously large housing development and found a hideous energy pocket hiding up in the hills. You know, if you come across a spot like that which just doesn’t feel right, throw a couple of TB’s around. You’ll be doing everyone a favor! Anyway, the housing development never went through and that spot in the hills feels much better.

Another time, we were gifting the Oddfellows lodge (masons) in Florence, north of here, and we decided to drive up the road behind it because we hadn’t been up that road before. Another pocket of really nasty energy! I swear it felt like death. I don’t know how anyone can stand to live there, but of course they can’t feel it like I can. We gifted about every 500 feet till we ran out of TB’s.

Our first targets were all the towers, of which there are really not too many here in the country. We did all the towers in our valley and Missoula. There were maybe a dozen in Missoula. It’s kind of hard to gift in a city and I certainly don’t envy those of you trying to gift in a big city. It takes a lot more stealth. We always carry a Succor Punch and I always ask it for protection and invisibility from surveillance. Never had a problem yet.

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4 Responses to Early gifting efforts

  1. Bruce says:

    I heard that the Pope will be making an apology to the native leaders as long as they come to him. No restitution. He is treating them like subjects, and they are going. Unbelievable. You do not summon people to you to apologize.
    Great blog Dooney and Stevo.

  2. skyclad says:

    The residential school thing up here is a tough one. I have read sites with some pretty wild accusations. I recently worked with a native woman whose husband(she said) had scars on his back from being whipped by the people who ran the residential school he was in. When I asked what he was planning to do about the abuse (lawsuits are common) she said he wasn’t planning on doing anything. I didn’t press the issue further.

  3. dooney says:

    This comment reminded me about one of our Canadian gifting friends who told us about native Indian children who were being ritually abused in schools and were seeking restitution from the government. I don’t know what the outcome was about that whole thing so if anyone knows just drop me a line. Generally, if a place feels bad, just drop some TB’s and maybe an HHG. You’ll be doing everyone a favor!


  4. skyclad says:

    This is an interesting blog and I have spend a couple of days looking at the Etheric Warriors site. I really like the reference to Python’s “Holy Hand Grenade”. It is a peaceful spiritual weapon composed of mystic shapes and stones , that is cool and funny. Have you people considered going on Coast to Coast? You probably share the same concerns I have about their mission (the money/book flogging thing).
    Hey, I did a job moving out a hotel in Vancouver, B.C. It was being readied for a complete renovation from top to bottom. If you want a target for Gifting try a city hotel. (The one we were in was the Hotel Georgia on Howe st.) I have never gotten a more creepy feeling than being in that hotel, it was yucky let me tell you, the people I was working with didn’t give me the impression of sensitivity but this place was radiating something BAD everyone was freaked. If you have anyone in the Vancouver area, here is another tip if you are feeling charitable, the 6500 block of West boulevard in Kerrisadale was developed in 1976 (circa) there was an unnamed Catholic elementary school there before that date. There is an embargo on any info about the school, the local diocese has shut down enquiries from individuals, there is no info on line about the school which is strange as you can find out info about other places of interest in the area from the same period. It is like the school vanished without a trace. I sent a helpful Catholic acquaintance off to find the name as she knew of the existance of the school but after speaking to someone hooked up with the Church the subject was taboo-absolute silence, someone she talked to about it told her to keep her mouth shut and she won’t mention the subject with me at all. This block could use a positve
    charge I know that from having lived in a house there and putting a few things together. But hey, in the city what block couldn’t use positive spiritual energy? I bookmarked your sites and continue to read it, I esp liked the info on the Tavistock org. in london. I never knew about those guys. Gross.